About US
Referring to the good cooperation between Egypt and YOU...
We hope to increase our cooperation and export our company products to YOUR great country...
We are HANZ co. it`s  Egyptian company working in  decorative paints and coatings materials manufacture field using the latest technology in German  and the highest quality & Matching the standard specifications to preserve the environment and Satisfy the needs of the Egyptian market and export our product ..
The company has provided a site on the Internet to be a way to communicate inside and outside of Egypt, and maintain customer satisfaction and respond to them and to provide technical advice ..
Vision :
We see that no limits us in the world of imagination and creativity, and we make for ourselves a new world of
Innovation and renewal dependent on the latest German technology in paint and coating materials manufacturing ..

Mission :
The company aims in order to be the leading company in the field of decorative paints in Egypt and the Middle East and Africa, the company states dependent on manufacturing technology and high-quality, scientific research and training programs for its employees in order to expand and achieve their goals. The company understands that the satisfaction of their customers is vital and important to its success.