G-Tone 9000
G-Tone 9000

Description & Uses:
High quality Water base glossy acrylic emulsion.
Used for interior and exterior surfaces, high ability to hide hair cracks.
High resistance for weathering conditions (humidity, rains, UV rays, …….).
Characterized by bright white, good hiding power and excellent spreading rate.     And ability to resist dirt and dust.
Can be applied on cement, gypsum, masonry and wooden surfaces after suitable preparation.
Conforming to Egyptian standard specification 1539 for exterior paints.
water base, Environmentally friend.
Technical properties:
Final shape: high Gloss
Color:  white – suitable for tinting
Density: 1.2 ± 0.02
Viscosity: 120 – 125 KU
Solid content by volume: 40 ± 2
Wash ability: Washable - more than 20000 Cycle
Drying time: initial drying 40 – 60 min
                        Recoat 4 – 6 hrs.
Direction for use:
Surface must be clean and free form oil, grease and dust.
The surface to be painted must be cohesive and free from disinfection or peeling.
To get the best results, make one coat from HANZ CLEAR SEALER W to increase the adhesion, gloss and spreading rate.
Dilute with water 15 – 20% for first coat and 10 – 15 % for second coat.
Leave the surface for 4 – 6 hours before recoating.
Application tools:
Brush – Roller – Spray gun.
Spreading rate: 12 -14 M2 /Liter
Storage: 18 Month in the original pack with the suitable storage condition.
                                       Please refer to the Material safety data sheet.

G-Tone 9000